Vision - Lumiseek


To develop a global oncology focused innovation ecosystem


  • Promote greater efficiency in the development of more effective, safe and cost-effective cancer diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Empower our clients by providing an integrated collaborative platform
  • Facilitate optimization of their cancer product development strategy
  • Serve our clients with utmost integrity, enthusiasm, dedication and a shared sense of purpose

The value proposition

A secure online platform which will dramatically increase the speed and ease of collaboration between numerous diverse stakeholders.At Lumiseek, we recognize that the model for value creation has undergone a dramatic change in the past decade. A company or institution should be responsive to the rapidly evolving technology, business environment and availability of resources. This is especially relevant for product development that is primarily based on genomic, molecular and nanotech-based technology as these methodologies continue to evolve at an astonishing speed.

There has never been a greater need for the alignment of diverse talent and resources. With phenomenal expansion of the depth and breadth of the scientific and technical expertise in the current era of OMICs and allied technologies, the scientific community is reaching out to the global community. The frequency of multidisciplinary, inter-institutional and cross-border collaboration is increasing significantly.In this context, we aim to streamline the collaborative process so as to provide your organization with access to premier resources and the most pertinent information in a timely and efficient manner.

Our online platform is designed to be a user friendly, secure, nimble and mobile resource tailored specifically for members of oncology product discovery and development community. Users will be able to search for specific stakeholders with relevant expertise and associate with them by a number of mechanisms. A project maybe initiated or specific information may be solicited. If a project is initiated, active project management tools will be available to monitor. Feedback from interactions will be continuously incorporated to enhance the user experience. Access Lumiseek online platform at

Streamline engagement across the value chain

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