A transformative experience

Provides the continuum of exploration, relationship building, project creation and management in a secure cloud-based environment

Fundamentally redefine the way you collaborate with other cancer focused organizations.

Search for relevant global expertise, information and resources

Create personnel directories within and across organizations

Manage a complex interplay of relationships between cross-disciplinary :

  • Departments/divisions
  • Other cancer focused organizations

Streamline communication between all parties using our real-time monitoring and tiered role-based privacy solution.

Access documents, information and third-party tools through a common dashboard.

Who should register ?

Oncology Professionals engaged in the following activities

  • Allied professionals
  • Clinical research
  • Government
  • Regulation
  • Advocacy
  • Commercialization
  • Manufacturing
  • Translational research
  • Basic science
  • Financing
  • Patient care

Complex collaborative landscape

Successful execution of research projects and clinical trials is becoming increasingly complex that is contingent upon

  • The effective management of a complex array of interdisciplinary relationships lasting up to 10-12 years across multiple departments, organizations and locations.
  • Effective Internal and external communication
  • Efficient management of Complex logistics, resources and interactions that need to be coordinated in real-time

The resulting inefficiency, redundancy, errors and compliance costs collectively amount to billions of dollars.

Lumiseek Platform offers the only comprehensive mechanism to address these issues

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